Oh my gosh!!! I wish you could have seen their faces. The kids were so excited picking out the gifts!!! The kids felt so good and proud to have something to give to their mom. They wrapped the gifts and made cards to go with them. What you and the other moms did for our families is amazing and you gave them peace and joy when making the wreaths. The clients who made wreaths are still talking about it.

—Children’s Project Coordinator

Alternatives for Battered Women

When I arrived there were twenty women ranging from mothers of current sixth grade students to a mom of a recent graduate.  It was chilly in the warehouse and the amount of apples to be processed was daunting but there also was a lot of laughter among the volunteers.  One of the moms told me “we make volunteering fun!”  Now I know where the boys learned this valuable lesson.

—Chris Hood, Director of Christian Service